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May 2, 2006 / Meredith


Soccer Mom traveling 55 mph in the right lane feels entitled to be in the left lane which is moving along at 70 mph. She cut me off without so much as signaling her intent or checking her blind spot. And then she never sped up to the flow of traffic.

Mustang Sally feels entitled to all her verbal spewage and is exasperated when others respond to her in a way that is less than congratulatory. Then she is entitled to tell us all to go to hell.

Many of the people I see in my office feel entitled to free government money, and are bothered by having to attend appointments or fill out paperwork in exchange. When they often don’t attend appointments or fill out paperwork they are angered, sometimes violently so, because their checks are in danger of being ceased.

Illegal immigrants feel entitled to legal rights in America. Except, they’re here illegally.

I must be a fool to work the job I do, when all I’d have to do is realize I’m entitled to be an astronaut and poof! I’d be an astronaut! I’m an idiot for thinking I have to earn lots of money to afford that Jaguar I love, when all I have to do is feel entitled to it and take one! I’m out of my mind to think I have to earn a living and respect. What the hell is wrong with me?!

I guess I have the satisfaction of knowing I can provide for myself. I’m a thoughtful and considerate human being. I don’t expect the world to bow down to me and give me everything I demand. I’m not making a lot of noise, drawing attention to myself, trying to convince everyone that I’ve been done wrong. I am invisible. And it is the invisible, thoughtful, hard-working people who are the most entitled of all.

Ain’t life ironic?

The End


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