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January 9, 2007 / Meredith

Death Of A Blog

What a drag. Once again one of my computer friends has left the scene. She feared one of her readers recognized her despite her attempts at anonymity, and so shut down her blog. I hate that. Now how am I ever going to know what happened to Lord of the Rings and Hideous Purple Bouquet? It was like my daily soap opera, an ongoing serial that kept my day interesting and my life seemingly normal in comparison.

My computer friends are merely those people whose words I read nearly every day. It could be a blog or a web site. They could be famous or not. Their work and lives are presented so colorfully or interestingly that I feel I know them. I don’t really need to know them personally, but in my heart, they are my secret, special, computer friends. They are like my TV friends Denny Crane and Alan Shore, my rock-n-roll friends Jimmy Paige and Robert Plante, and my radio friends, Tom Barnard and Terri Traen. I don’t actually know any of these people, but they are such a regular part of my life that I refer to them as friends.

So, now that The Attractive Nuisance is no longer posting there is one less ongoing saga for me to follow. I don’t find many blogs that document one’s daily life (or at least the life they choose to expose to the internets) that are interesting and worthy of revisiting day after day. Although Nuisance was getting a little tiresome in her pursual of Lord of the Rings (married co-worker), her writing style and attitude were worth the read every day. But she’s apparently been uncovered and doesn’t want to be dooced. I don’t know why not. Dooce (another of my computer friends) has made a perfectly comfortable lifestyle for herself simply by getting fired for writing about her job and coworkers in her blog.

Maybe The Attractive Nuisance will be posting under some other name from now on. But that won’t help me, because I’d never be able to find her. Such a pity. She’s the second computer friend I’ve lost due to exposure. I suppose it’s like when your favorite TV show gets canceled or simply says goodbye while it’s on top. You miss them like crazy for a week or two, but something else always comes along to replace it.

What time I’d normally spend reading The Attractive Nuisance I will now be spending searching for a new computer friend. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And Nuisance, if you’re out there, let me know where I might be able to find you again. I miss you already.

The End


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