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March 20, 2013 / Meredith

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

One thing you should know from the start – I’m not allowed to do anything but my job at my day job. I’m pretty sure that’s the case no matter where you work, but it is especially true when you work for the government. And super especially true if you work for the government and have access to lots of private information about thousands of people. Another thing you should know is that the section of government I work for is so serious about its employees keeping to their tasks that they have blocked a lot of the internet from our use. Using the internet for private use is corporate theft you know. Or government theft. Whatever you want to call it. We’ve been warned that nothing is private on our computers, so if I’m caught writing a bunch of swear words in my e-mails to Charlotte I could get reprimanded or worse.

I’m way over paid for the job I do. I’m not saying I make a lot of money, I just don’t have a very demanding job and there usually isn’t enough work to keep me busy for a full day. Put more simply, I’m getting paid for a full-time job that I could get done if I worked part-time.

So what do I do during those drawn out hours where I don’t have any work to keep me occupied? One thing I like to do is read blogs. Another thing I like to do is write, blog posts mostly. I’m lucky the blogs I read and the platform on which I write are not blocked.

Another thing I do when work is slow is play Mahjongg Dark Dimensions. This was a total coup for me as most things involving high bandwidth (animation) is blocked. Here’s the problem: When I’m ready to write a blog post I usually turn on Mahjongg Dark Dimensions and play that for a while, in order to just get my thoughts together, you know? Except when I’m playing the game I can’t think of anything but the game. When I get a dumb score I have to go and try again. Then I get a really high score and I have to try to get even higher. Before I know it there’s some actual work in my “In” box and I have to go do that, never having written a blog post at all. And because I don’t write the blog post right away while I’m thinking about it I forget the very clever things I wanted to say, and sometimes forget the entire subject matter I wanted to write about.

I guess what I’m saying is:

1. Mahjongg Dark Dimensions is sucking my soul out

2. I blame Mahjongg Dark Dimensions for any kind of writer’s block I may have

3. If I actually do write something and it stinks it’s not my fault, it’s Mahjongg Dark Dimensions’ fault

4. When I am diagnosed with Mahjongg Dark Dimensions addiction my employer-provided insurance better pay for treatment because it’s their fault they didn’t block the game.

The End


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