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December 27, 2013 / Meredith

The Bathroom

I said I wasn’t going to take a bath until I cleaned the bathroom.  I thought that would give me some incentive to get to it and scrub away.  But I didn’t.  Does that mean I can’t take a bath?  Sometimes when I make deals like that to myself I feel bound to them.  I forget talk is cheap.  But seriously, how can I take a bath in that tub?  How can I feel clean?  The most important question is, how can I not take a bath today?

Cleaning the bathroom has always been a problem for me.  It got a lot better after Knick and I moved into a larger house and we didn’t have to share a bathroom.  You women know what I’m talking about.  There is very little that makes a woman more resentful than cleaning up a man’s residue in a bathroom.  Men are gross.  Especially in the bathroom.

I don’t leave a lot of residue like a man would, but I still avoid cleaning the bathroom now more than ever.  I’m not sure why.  The more often I clean it the easier it is, right?  I have the logistics down, but I hate exerting the energy.  The reason I have to exert so much energy is because I don’t act on the logistics.  I let it all sit.  And sit.  And sit.  Until I can’t stand it anymore.  And then I let it sit some more.

One of the things that gets more troublesome for me as time goes on is the fact that I have a whirlpool tub.  I know, some people would kill for a tub like that.  But for someone like me who wants relaxation, calm, and quiet in the tub having that motor running and jets of pressurized water shooting on me is anything but relaxing.  Because of that I don’t use the whirlpool.  But I still have to clean it.  Those little jets have to be cleaned out whether I use them or not.  And that stinks.

I’m going to take a bath tonight even though I didn’t clean the bathroom.  I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning.  I promise.  I think.

The End


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