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January 11, 2014 / Meredith

I’m The Booger Dawson Of The Blogging World

Then I was reading a blog post from one of the people I follow and she’s taking a road trip with another blogger to visit yet another blogger.  It’s a dang clique.  Blogging is like high school all over again, with the cheerleaders versus the ugly girls.  I know, the high school scenario usually turns around as we mature; the cheerleaders look back and realize they’ve passed their peak decades ago and the ugly girls become all glamorous and successful.  But with blogging it’s different.  Popularity doesn’t come with perky boobs, it comes with viewership.  The viewers make the blog popular, and then the popular bloggers all get together and do their little cliquey things like go on road trips…and blog about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why these blogs are popular and I’m happy for their success.  But what about us poor schmucks who aren’t popular?  Every year WordPress puts out an annual report to bloggers, showing them the numbers of views their blogs got in the previous year, mapping out where in the world their readers are from, etc.  Lots of time bloggers will publish these statistics so their readers can be assured that they are indeed reading the popular blogs.  Guess what?  My blog is doing so stinkily that I didn’t even get a report from WordPress.  That’s right, my stats are so sorry they couldn’t bear to tell me how much I suck.

So if you’re reading this I really appreciate the pity visit.  I know I shouldn’t care how many people read my blog because I write for the sake of writing, right?  I didn’t start a blog to become popular like those yay-ra-ra, bouncy-haired, dimple-cheeked cheerleaders in high school, right?  I’m glamorous and successful in my mature years, no matter what WordPress tells me (or doesn’t tell me), right?

I feel like watching Revenge of the Nerds now.

The End


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