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August 21, 2015 / Meredith

Mabel Was A Bitch, But She Had A Good Thing Going

I remember saying to my mother-in-law, “she’s was such a bitch,” referring to my paternal grandmother.  Faux Ma responded, “isn’t she your dad’s mother?”, like blood relation would eliminate all the bitchiness from of a person.  “Yeah,” I said, “just because she’s a relative doesn’t make her a nice person.”  She was a bitter old woman; however, Grandma Mabel had some endearing qualities, and I see them better now that she’s been dead for several years.

Grandma Mabel* had a three-season porch attached to the front of her house.  It was furnished with an old wicker couch (which is now in my bedroom) and a few plush chairs.  One of those chairs was situated perpendicular to the window of the porch and Mabel would sit there for hours on end drinking coffee from her cushy vantage point, reading a book, watching the neighborhood go about their business.  My Mom always used to think it was sad how she never went anywhere, never did anything.  I’ll tell you what, Mabel might have had a real good thing going.

A couple of days ago I extended  my “sick” afternoon to an additional entire day.  After waking up (completely) around 5:30 a.m. I called one of my coworkers to send a warning that I wouldn’t be there, then around 7:00 I called my boss.  Thankfully she wasn’t at her desk to answer my call, so I left a message and would deal with her later.

After that?  I reclined in bed with my book.  For two hours!  Then, unfortunately, I had to get up and pee, which motivated nagged me to do something other than get too lazy with a book.  I got dressed and threw a load of laundry into the machine.  But then got into my favorite chair and read some more.  For many hours!

I was a total cliche, curling up with a good book on a rainy day!  I didn’t drink coffee like Mabel did, but I snuck in a glass of wine in the afternoon.

Mabel had the pleasure of glancing from the pages of her book to outside word from her porch window to see what Smokey and Wilma and the rest of the neighborhood were up to.  Mabel totally gossiped about her neighbors.  And why not?  I only caught glimpses of the hummingbirds at the feeder, which isn’t bad, but you can’t really gossip about that.

I finished my book and have started a new one.  Hopefully I’ll be able to “curl up on a rainy day” sometime soon, even if it isn’t rainy.  Reading is marvelous – cheers to Grandma Mabel!

*My grandmas had great names.  Mabel and Harriet.  I can’t imagine referring to “Grandma Tiffany” or “Nana Kylie.”  It just isn’t right. 

The End


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