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November 12, 2015 / Meredith

Where Trudy Writes

I have a novel in progress, in case you’re interested to know.  The protagonist’s name is Trudy, and she writes.  She’s not “a writer,”  but more of a journal keeper.  The entries in her journal are part of how the story progresses, providing pace as it were.

Trudy is a regular person going through regular traumas.  She’s in her early 40s and has been thrust into a new life called widowhood.  Throughout the narrative of the novel are thrown journal entries she’s written since the death of her husband.  The best part about her writing, in my own mind at least, is where she writes.

She sits in front of a laptop placed on a Victorian desk made of cherry wood.  The desk is placed in front of a window which overlooks Lake Michigan.  Facing East.  She sees sunrises beyond belief.  Even the sunsets on the other side of the peninsula on which she lives create unbelievable colors across the sky she sees from her window.

It’s all terribly cliche.  I don’t care though, because I’ve seen the house in which Trudy writes.  I’ve seen the shores upon which she lives, and I’ve seen the magic a huge body of water can create within itself and the sky above it.

Writing can happen anywhere if one is serious enough about writing.  Distractions can be a bitch, so if a person wants to write and can’t overcome distractions that person must find a solitary place.  However, a solitary place might be a distraction to other writers.

Myself?  I write whenever and wherever the mood strikes.  I might be sitting in a room with Knicky with the TV blaring about something I care nothing about and can write just fine.  At other times I might need complete silence.  Still other times I might need some music in the background.  I go where I function best at any particular time.

Trudy sits at the desk in front of the window that looks upon Lake Michigan.  She doesn’t really think about where she’s writing, but just that she’s writing, because she wants to, or needs to.

Writing places aren’t really important, are they?  If it’s in your heart it can come out on the page.  It’s all a matter of just doing it.

The End




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  1. Michelle Malone / Nov 12 2015 6:25 pm

    Agreed. I don’t think it matters where you write– as long as you continue to write.

  2. ricericebebe / Nov 12 2015 8:54 pm

    I liked hearing about Trudy, and the sunrises she sees. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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