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April 20, 2016 / Meredith

Q Is For Quit

Quit is the word every blogger has had in his or her head at one time or another, especially when it’s very obvious that one’s particular blog is not being read by anyone.  It makes no difference that there are eleventy kabillion blogs out there, and even the heaviest hitters don’t have the whole world following them.  To have five regular readers would be nice.  Do I have that?  Hell, no.  No external validation for me.  Does that matter?  Hell, yeah.  Except, kind of no.

There are plenty of things I should quit doing, but blogging isn’t one of them.  Okay, maybe I could quit blogging, but writing?  It’ll never happen.  If no one reads my blog, well then I guess I’ll have no critics, which is great for the self-esteem.  Oh wait, having no readers is kind of bad for the self-esteem.  Quit!

No, wait.  Don’t.

This isn’t about blogging and it isn’t about external validation.  It’s all about what you and I want to do with ourselves when we have nothing else to do.  If you’re doing what you want to do, never quit.

Blogging A-Z is a new challenge I’ve accepted, although I don’t think I’m technically included with all the other people who have accepted the same challenge, so I’m not even going to link to the challenge site.  Forgive me, challenge site, I’ll sign up earlier next year.

Every day (except Sunday) during the month of April I’ll take a letter of the alphabet and write on a theme that begins with that letter.

The End


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