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March 10, 2017 / Meredith

Happy Birthday

What was it about that guy.  He was good for you, but so bad for you in the end.

One thing I wish for all women (but for some it may be too late) is that they have that guy.  The guy who made a huge impact.  The guy you never dreamed you’d ever be with but there you are, with him.  The guy who always came back, even years later.  Even when you thought you were through with him forever.  He caught you again, even though you knew it was wrong.

He challenged you.  He did things to you no one else ever did or will ever do again.  He made you think, he made you feel.  He made a difference.  He set a standard, high or low.

I know some women who never had that guy, who never felt such a passion.  I feel sorry for the women who only had tender and safe love.  Oh yes, tender and safe is a good thing in the long run, but to have that one, angsty, abandoned, turbulent romance…ahh, such are the things real memories can be made.

Those memories last forever.  And ever.  And you dream about that guy even though you sleep next to the love of your life.  He’s the epitome of the zest of your youth.  He taught you the meanings of exhilaration and despair.

That guy holds your heart for a lifetime.  You’ll love him until the day you die, but he’s not what life is about.  He doesn’t give security, he’s too volatile, he isn’t the guy you want to grow old with.  You can’t be with him forever, but he’ll never leave your heart.  He’s become part of you.  You’ll never forget him, and you’ll never want to.

But now he’s gone.  He’s moved on, married, has had children, perhaps divorced and moved to the next one.  You don’t care, because you’ve move on too, having a life of your own, and a very satisfying one at that.  You’re happy with the path you’ve chosen.  And yet, just once in a while, you think about him, and the time you spent together.  He never goes away.

I wish a very happy birthday to two of those guys.  Two friends with the same birthday and who dated two sisters, forever affecting their lives.  A toast to the men who made us who we are today.  We think of you fondly, and will see you in our dreams.

The End


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