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June 3, 2017 / Meredith


Remember those times when we walked in and the thunder made our hearts pound?

Remember that song I screamed at?  And you took my hand and led me to the floor?

Remember how I used to buy cheap beers until someone else bought me Heinekens?

Remember when you asked me “how tall are you anyway?”

Remember how you tried to be the guy who would turn me on?

Remember how you called me “doll?”

Remember seeing that guy leaning against the bar on a random weekday?  They called him Prince.

Remember when we were in that video of The Wallets’ song “Totally Nude?”

Remember when we couldn’t figure out if Boy George was a guy or girl?

Remember giving me amy on the dance floor?

Remember slamming to The Suburbs?

Remember my spike heels sinking into the hot, summer tar?

Remember when we drove through the intersection of 1st and 7th and you grabbed my thigh as I straddled your machine?

Remember when I was young?


This piece was written about a place, time, and people long gone.  While the place is still standing, it’s nothing like it is in my memory.  Likewise, the people remain in my mind as they were so many years ago.  Those memories are brought back by nothing more than notes on a scale, a voice, and a beat that will shake me to my very core.  Music gathers up the years and brings the past to life.  Those times are gone, but I still can’t help dancing to the music, remembering the times and people of my youth.

The End


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