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August 3, 2017 / Meredith

Solve For X

The ever-popular blogger Ross Murray, author of Drinking Tips for Teens, recently posted a delightful essay on Canada’s summer of 2017.  Did I say “delightful?”  Change that to…a delightful spin on what is proving to be the personification of everything disastrous in my lifetime.

I don’t talk about politics much, at least not outside my own home.  Suffice it to say disgust and shame filters into my life with every passing day our Lord Cheeto and his minions are all puffed up over their ridiculous antics.

Like Ross, I can save myself only by finding some kind of entertainment or humor in the situation.  It’s hard to do these days.

One saving grace is a song that creeps into my mind every time Lord Cheeto rejects scientific facts.  The rejection of said facts is a disgrace, but the song is a great earworm and has visited me on an almost daily basis for the past seven months.  A slight silver lining around a stupid, fat, cloud.

Now, for the equation: X = Lord Cheeto + Science

The answer is so clear.  X = Blinded. 

Lord help us all.

The End


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