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Cast Of Characters

There are plenty of characters in my life and I’ll probably refer to some on a regular basis.  This page is a reference if you ever get confused.  I might refer to it myself to remember what fake names I gave to real people.

Meredith is me.  I don’t refer to myself in the third person so you won’t see my name in most of my posts.  Meredith hates it when people refer to themselves in the third person.

Knick is my husband.  According to one of my ex-coworkers he’s a saint.  I guess I would agree, except for those times when he isn’t.

Charlotte is my sister.  She is the one person who has actively and continuously supported all of my internet activities.  You’ll never see her comment on this blog because that’s just how she is.

Diggy is my brother.  He died in 2006 at the age of thirty-nine, although I know he’s still hanging around trying to push my buttons.

BM is Diggy’s ex-wife.  Everyone in my family hates her for so many reasons, but the icing on the cake was when she didn’t acknowlege her ex-husband’s death to his family.

Mr B is the guy who made me write a magnum opus on love way back in 1982.  I went out with him at the most impressionable time of my life so he’s trapped in my mind like a rat on a glue board.

momo, aka Faux Pa is my father-in-law.  He’s dead.

shishi, aka Faux Ma is my mother-in-law.  She’s dead too.

“momo” and “shishi” are never capitalized.  This isn’t a typo.  If you see their names and they aren’t capitalized, please don’t give me a grammar lesson on proper nouns.  I know what I’m doing.


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